Different by Design

Every child deserves a chance to be educated in the way he or she was designed to learn. At Oaks Christian, we have created a unique model that addresses the whole child – body, mind, heart, and soul. Our primary goal is to foster in each child an authentic love for learning. When students leave our campus, they are equipped to do so much more than memorize facts and pass tests. They are confident in their abilities to think for themselves, create with their own two hands, and use their God-given skills to impact the world.

We accomplish this by:

Embracing experiential learning
Students learn best when they learn by doing. Hands-on projects and an emphasis on subject to subject integration allow students to connect concepts to the real world, retain information more fully, and experience gratification in the learning process. Our experiential learning model allows us to engage all three learning styles (auditory, visual, and kinesthetic).

Avoiding screen dependence
21st-century learning is all about innovation and creativity. Unfortunately, screen dependency can hinder these skills, especially for young students. Screen-free education in the elementary years has proven social and psychological benefits, and it allows students to become critical thinkers and persistent learners.

Assigning little to no homework
When students are at school all day and come home to hours of homework, they miss out on opportunities for social and emotional development. Free time to play, socialization with family and friends, and adequate rest are essential for young learners. We make sure your kids get to be kids, and any assigned homework is intentionally light, relevant and practical.

Shortening the school day
We’re all about honoring and redeeming childhood. Our schedule is 8:30 am – 2:40 pm, which is about 1.5 hours shorter than the traditional school day. This provides more time for students to be outdoors, spend time with family, and learn through play.

Offering a year-round schedule
Research shows that when students attend school year-round, they enjoy a better rhythm in their lives, avoid regression commonly referred to as the “summer slide,” and remain energized throughout the school year. Students at Oaks Christian enjoy short breaks every few weeks, an extended Christmas break, and a one month break in July.

Allowing teachers to shine in their areas of expertise
Unlike other elementary schools where one teacher provides instruction across all core subject areas, students at Oaks Christian rotate through different learning environments. This enhances student engagement and allows teachers to focus on a subject they love and dive more deeply into their content with passion and enthusiasm.

Intentionally mentoring every student
At Oaks Christian, each student is paired with a Homeroom Shepherd (HRS), a faculty member dedicated to the holistic development of each student. The HRS advocates for students, knows how each child learns, and understands their strengths and weaknesses. Each HRS works closely with the teachers to help meet the individual education needs of the students.

Being Christ-centered
At Oaks Christian, children experience the joy of discovering God’s Truth in all subject areas. God and the Bible are not merely relegated to a lesson plan, but rather, are the lens in which they view the world.