Lower Elementary

Grades K-2

Students learn best when they learn by doing. Our focus in the early elementary years (K-2) is to experience learning through a wide variety of activities that engage all the senses. When young students learn in this manner, they make deep connections to concepts and can better understand the world around them. 

Kindergarten is foundational to a child’s educational journey. There is a natural curiosity and desire to “soak in” learning at this age. Our experienced, licensed educators create an environment that feels like play, but is actually building foundational skills and promoting a culture of lifelong learning.

Our first and second grade students continue building upon those skills through developmentally appropriate methodologies and pedagogy. Students participate in experiential learning that involves critical thinking, resilience, and cooperation. Hands-on projects and a highly relational atmosphere bring learning to life for our young students. 

It is our desire that students see learning as integrated and meaningful. We are Christ-centered and teach through a Biblical lens, which we believe is the best way to instill strong, truth-centered, eternal principles and values. It also allows our students to begin to know and understand their identity and worth in Christ. 

Our K-2 Homeroom Shepherds steward the emotional, social, and spiritual growth of our students. They provide a source of constancy, mentorship, and discipleship as they nurture the whole child. Homeroom Shepherds partner with the educators to help individualize and meet the educational needs of the students