Middle School

6th Grade

Middle school students experience rapid neurological, physical, emotional, and hormonal changes that are significant and unique to adolescent development. Our holistic approach to education and our high quality, research-based curriculum are designed to serve our students well at every developmental stage, and middle school is no exception. 

We are committed to providing an educational experience that addresses the social, emotional, and spiritual growth and well-being of our middle school students, as we believe that development in these areas is equally as important as academic growth. 

OCS middle school students spend their days in small learning communities with an interdisciplinary team of teachers. A flexible schedule allows for increased instructional time, less fragmented learning, and an opportunity to learn in creative and flexible ways. 

The following distinctives characterize our Middle School program:
  1. Exploratory: Broad academic experiences such as our leadership academy and our fine arts offerings allow students to learn more about God, themselves, and the world in which they live.
  2. Integrative: Inquiry and action are key elements of the middle school learning experience. Interdisciplinary teaching teams allow students to see that learning is interconnected and relevant. Examining problems, asking essential questions and determining solutions are part of building critical thinking skills.
  3. Relevant: Middle school students want to know that the work they are doing matters, which leads to higher self-esteem and a greater sense of purpose in life. Active and purposeful learning includes, but is not limited to, problem-based learning and service learning. Technology is also thoughtfully integrated into curricular units.
  4. Challenging: Meaningful and engaging activities guide learning experiences that reflect high expectations and achievable goals. Developing a thorough understanding of content and providing opportunities for students to become thoughtful communicators are top priorities.

The desire to redeem childhood and dignify children in the elementary years continues into the middle grades with the added component of a challenging explorative, integrated, and relevant curriculum that further nurtures, develops, and educates the whole child as an image-bearer of God. Students have the opportunity to experience exploratory learning, participate in global service initiatives, and explore their giftings through passion projects.

Middle School Program