Transitional Kindergarten

Curriculum Overview

Transitional kindergarten serves to bridge the gap between preschool and kindergarten, helping children to develop the fundamental skills they need to flourish in the elementary grades. The TK learning environment at OCS is both structured and exploratory. Structure is provided through a clear and predictable schedule, and exploration is experienced through active learning that is fun, adventurous, creative, and engaging.

Inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, TK students construct their own learning while educators provoke, co-construct, and stimulate thinking and collaboration with peers. Throughout the school year, students explore six key themes in addition to Gathering and Enrichment classes. Math, ELA, science, and social studies are incorporated through hands-on activities and project-based learning. Biblical truth is integrated into each learning experience, helping students to develop a solid Biblical foundation rooted in Christ.  Students also develop a love for learning through play-based educational activities.

Me & My Body

Hands-on activities, arts and crafts, movement, and play are all implemented to help our students learn about their bodies and how they work! This theme also explores self-expression and emphasizes the importance of accepting one another’s differences. 


In our Fall theme, students learn how things grow and change by looking at the world around them! Through activities that stimulate sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell, students explore the five senses and learn about the natural environment.

Winter Holidays

Students enjoy learning about various winter celebrations and holidays in our Winter Holidays theme. Through hands-on activities like baking and arts and crafts, students explore different cultural customs and traditions. 

Nursery Rhymes and Animals

Nursery rhymes, poems, and books help students to recall, sequence, and retell stories. These stories spark further discovery into various subjects such as animals, environments, time periods, and more. 

Colorful Spring

Students learn to identify and create colors as they explore the theme of Colorful Spring. They also discover the growth cycle of plants and learn about different types of weather. 

Our Community

By learning about different people, places, and occupations in our world, students explore the concept of community. This also prompts self-discovery as students explore their own place in their local communities.  


TK students aren’t too young to learn about the gospel! During Gathering, students discover how and why Jesus saves. Bible stories supported by relevant activities help students to apply and retain Biblical truth. Combining Biblical worldview and Bible survey, Homeroom Shepherds guide students through the concepts of creation, fall, redemption, and restoration.



The aim of Art at OCS is to foster creativity through a variety of experiences. Through practice and observation, students learn the formal principles of art and how to implement them. Students also discover visual arts and learn about drawing and painting techniques, collage, clay and pottery design, recycled art and sculpture, weaving, and art history and appreciation.


Music at OCS encourages students to learn musical skills through listening, moving, singing, playing, creating, and performing. Exploration of different rhythms, tones, melodies, harmonies, and timbres encourages creativity and higher-level thinking skills.


Students learn about responsibility for physical wellness through physical education at OCS. The curriculum includes activities designed to improve skills, knowledge, and attitudes regarding total wellness.

Homeroom Shepherd

At OCS, each student in Grades TK-5 is paired with a Homeroom Shepherd, a faculty member dedicated to their holistic development. Homeroom Shepherds steward the social, emotional, and spiritual growth of our students. This role is designed to support, nurture and inspire students to develop habits of mind, a foundation of scripture, habits of prayer, and a love for God. Homeroom Shepherds also partner with educators to help individualize learning and meet the educational needs of each student.